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The Magic of Giving

This simple little ad from Thailand made me cry.  But they were good tears; tears of inspiration.

The ad reminds us of how magical giving can be on three different levels.

We Benefit in the Worldly Sense

The first and most obvious benefit of giving is that people we’ve given to are likely to give back when we are in need, as the doctor does in the ad.

I talk a lot about giving when I interact with people before or after I give a speech.  I’ve heard numerous similar stories of people who gave without any expectation of getting anything in return, and were later the recipients of generosity when they were in need.

One example was of a man who mowed his neighbors lawns every time he mowed his lawn for years.  When the man fell ill and went to the hospital, he worried that his lawn and his neighbors lawns would go un-mowed.

But his daughter informed him that one of the neighbors immediately took up the tradition of mowing the lawns when he heard what happened.  No one had to ask the neighbor to do it.

We Receive the Benefit of Happiness

Even better than worldly benefit, giving makes us happy.  Research has shown that altruistic acts create happiness that has a deeper impact and lasts significantly longer than when we do things only for ourselves.

Also, people who witness an altruistic act receive the same amount of happiness that we receive from actually performing the act, which you probably noticed while you watched the video.

The Impact Could Be Tremendous

We never now how far one act of giving will go to impact our world.  In the video, one simple act of giving kept a boy from getting in trouble with the law.

Had he been arrested, he might have never become a doctor.  By preventing this with a simple act of generosity, imagine how many lives could be positively impacted by the actions of the generous man.

What can you do today to be more generous to those around you?  What could the impact be?

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