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The Key to Leadership Excellence

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Contributors to The Key to Leadership Excellence

John Spence 

Author of Awesomely Simple and one of the top 100 Thought Leaders in America.

David Marquet

Author of Turn The Ship Around!, which Fortune Magazine called the #1 must read business book of 2012.

Jeff Klein 

A trustee of Conscious Capitalism and author of the award-winning book Working For

Charlie Kim 

Founder and CEO of Next Jump, an eCommerce company that works with 70% of the Fortune 1000 and has one of the best workplace cultures in the world.

Michael Carroll

Former Walt Disney executive and author of Awake at Work and Fearless at

Ben Lichtenwalner

Executive at Whirlpool Corporation and founder of

Dr. Ted Prince

Founder and CEO of the Perth Leadership Institute and author of The 3 Financial Styles of Very Successful

About the eBook

With The Key To Leadership Excellence you’ll possess something pretty amazing.

You’ll have access to well over 100 years of the combined experience of the excellent leaders above who have been founders, CEOs, high-level executives, thought leaders, and even one of the most successful leaders in the history of the US Navy.

To create this book, I simply asked each of these leaders a question: How does someone become a great leader?

In this 111-page eBook, you’ll find their answers to that question.

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About the eBook

The Ultimate Leaders eZine contains all of Matt’s blog posts, interviews with great leaders, and other great resources for being a highly effective leader who inspires greatness in others. By signing up for the eBook, you’ll get the eZine, too!