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John Spence: The Real Secrets to Success

Some time ago, I had great breakfast meeting at Bagels Unlimited with my friend John Spence.  John is one of the top public speakers and executive coaches in the world.  I feel very fortunate that he lives right here in Gainesville, and that I have been able to form a friendship with him.
During our meeting, John mentioned that he had been receiving an obscene amount of SPAM e-mails offering to teach him the “Secrets to Success” for some fee – “Learn to make a million dollars for only $499″.  Just out of curiosity, he looked up a few of the guys offering to teach him these “Secrets to Success”.  He couldn’t find anything on them via Google search.  Apparently these guys hadn’t accomplished anything.
I found this quite amusing.  These scam artists who haven’t had any real business success are sending e-mails to John Spence, a man who earns an incredible income doing what he loves, who sets his own hours and has total autonomy over his time, and who is a well-recognized expert on success who coaches executive leaders from numerous Fortune 500 companies on how to achieve greater success!  Hilarious!
John didn’t find it so funny.  It actually made him a little upset that these charlatans are preying on people in these tough economic times offering them false hopes.  So what did he do about it?  John made a 30-minute video that he has posted to the internet for free, in which he shares the real secrets to success based on his experience and that of some the most respected authorities on success in the world.
This video is incredible and, if you don’t have time to watch it right now, I highly encourage you to schedule 30-minutes on your calendar right now to watch it.  I am confident that you’ll be very glad you did.
John offers numerous suggestions for self mastery that I think are imperative not only for achieving worldly success, but for aiding us on the path of realizing true happiness, self-mastery, and a deeply meaningful life.

Secret to Success from John Spence on Vimeo.

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