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A Starting Point – Who Are The Ultimate Leaders?

Dear Friend,
Welcome to The Ultimate Leaders!  Thanks for visiting!
The purpose of this blog is to serve as a resource for people who aspire to become what I call the Ultimate Leader, which I define below, and to help build a worldwide community of highly effective leaders who serve and inspire greatness in others.
Here’s what you’ll find on this blog:
  • A wide variety of ideas, tools, inspiration for becoming a better leader and a better human being (to me the two go hand in hand)

Where will these ideas, tools, and inspiration come from?

  • Some will come from what I’ve learned on my journey as a prisoner, monk, and social entrepreneur
  • Some will come from highly successful leaders via interviews and guest posts 
Who Are The Ultimate Leaders?
The Ultimate Leader may be a highly effective manager who leads a successful organization, but there is no requirement to have a title or position of authority.  The Ultimate Leader is always leading by his or her example, whether or not she/he has a title or position of authority, and people naturally want to follow her/him.
I define the Ultimate Leader as someone who is committed to continuously growing to become the best human being she/he can be, who is committed to serving others, and who inspires true greatness in the people around her/him.

The Ultimate Leader is someone who is passionate about personal growth in all areas, including:
  • Becoming as competent and knowledgeable as possible about one’s profession
  • Becoming as competent and knowledgeable as possible about how to be an effective manager and leader
  • Always doing the right thing, even when it’s painful in the short term to do it
  • Becoming more kind, compassionate, generous, empathetic, patient, forgiving,  honest, humble, and trusting

The Ultimate Leader is someone who understands that to lead is to serve others.  The Ultimate Leader filters every decision through the question: How will this help me to serve others? (or aspires to move in that direction). 
This mentality of serving includes:
  • Serving the people around us: helping them to meet their personal and professional needs
  • Serving our community
  • Making sure that we do what we need to (not necessarily want to) to ensure that we are happy and healthy and best able to serve others

The Ultimate Leader inspires the people around her or him to achieve true greatness because she or he provides an example of being truly great.  The Ultimate Leader also knows that by lifting others up and inspiring them to become better than they ever thought they could be, we are helping to ensure our success as leaders.
Why Are They the Ultimate Leaders?
The reason I call a leader like the one defined above the “Ultimate Leader,” is that such a leader is not only highly effective in terms of leading other people, such a leader lives a deeply meaningful and enjoyable life that is rich beyond measure.
I hope that this blog helps you in your efforts to become the Ultimate Leader.
I also hope that you’ll become part of the community and share your thoughts via comments on this blog, comments on our The Ultimate Leaders E-Zine page, or by submitting content for consideration as a guest post.
With a smile,

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