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A Review of the book Love Works by Joel Manby

I recently finished reading an excellent book by Joel Manby called Love Works.  This is an enjoyable, inspiring, and verypractical read.
Joel became a veritable star overnight after he appeared on the TV show, Undercover Boss.  Viewers got a taste of how Joel, who is the CEO of Herschend Family Entertainment (HFE), leads the company with love, based on the principles of servant leadership.
Over 18 million people watched that episode.  After the show, Joel received an unbelievable amount of mail from people who were inspired and wanted to learn more about how they could become a better leader by applying the principles that Joel does, which, by the way, he states as being the key component to HFE’s success through the recent tough times.  Over the last seven years, HFE has increased operating profit by 50% and earned a 14% return for its shareholders, significantly outperforming indices over the same period.
I highly, highly recommend this book to everyone because we are all leaders, whether we have a title or not.  And, I especially recommend the book to leaders of organizations. 
Joel shares seven timeless principles for becoming a more effective leader.  Each chapter offers inspiration and very practical tools for actually applying the principles of servant leadership and leading with love in realistic ways within an organization.
The book is a quick read and definitely worth the time!

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