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This is a holistic, 12-month leadership training and coaching program for leadership teams and/or individual leaders.

The program consists of three basic elements:

1.  Achieving buy-in to improve learning and retention.

2.  Helping leaders make an immediate, positive impact on the P&L with cutting-edge, assessment-based business acumen training and coaching.

3.  Helping leaders create a culture that drives long-term growth and profitability with mindfulness-based emotional intelligence training and coaching.

Step 1 – Achieving Buy-In

Participants write out a brief statement of who and where they want to be in 7-10 years.

This is to ensure that learning objectives can be tied to what is important to the participant.  Research suggests that this can dramatically improve learning, retention, and implementation.

Step 2 – Assessment-based Business Acumen Training

These assessments measure the unconscious cognitive biases that often result in leaders making decisions that have significant, negative impacts on gross margins and expenses.

  • Business Acumen Training

The assessments, combined with a one or two-day training program, help leaders become aware of the  unconscious cognitive biases that are linked directly to effects on gross margins and expenses and help leaders to have a more positive impact on the P&L.

The program includes mindfulness training, which helps leaders to increase self-awareness and mental agility, which are essential for making decisions that are not unduly influenced by the cognitive biases identified in the assessments.

  • Coaching

Participants have either two, one-hour calls per month, or one, 90-minute call per month for coaching on the business acumen and mindfulness training they received.

Step 3 – Mindfulness-based Emotional Intelligence Training (90 days into program)

These 360-degree assessments help a leader understand both leadership strengths and weaknesses in areas demonstrated through research to have a significant influence on the long-term business outcomes of an organization.   These areas are self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management.

  • Mindfulness-based Emotional Intelligence Training

After completing the ESCI assessment, participants attend a one to two-day training on mindfulness-based emotional intelligence.  The training helps leaders understand the importance of emotional and social competencies, leverage leadership strengths, and gradually close leadership gaps identified by the assessments.

  • Coaching

Participants have either two, one-hour calls per month, or one, 90-minute call per month for coaching on the business acumen and mindfulness-based emotional intelligence training they have received.

The focus of the last nine months of the program is developing self-awareness because that is the foundation of both business acumen and emotional intelligence.